Beginning to Play the Game Capsa Susun Online

Beginning to Play the Game Capsa Susun Online

Beginning to Play the Game Capsa Susun Online – The capsa susun game is a game that has existed since time immemorial. Indeed, this one game requires strategy, such as when developing a strategy to defeat your opponent. Regarding how to play capsa susun it is indeed fairly easy and fun, and often it can invite laughter when we strategize wrongly.

But before playing capsa susun, there is nothing wrong if we understand the basics of ranking card combinations in the game of poker. Because this combination system also applies to the capsa susun game. And we shouldn’t take this lightly if we want to win in playing capsa susun.

Complete Guide to How to Play Capsa Susun

1. Basic Rules for How to Play Capsa Susun

In the capsa susun card game when we make a deck of cards, we have to arrange it into 3 levels. The division of these levels is as follows:

Top level = have 3 cards
Middle level = has 5 cards
Lower level = have 5 cards

The order of cards in the Capsa Susun game

In the capsa game, the process of compiling the combination has applicable provisions, namely starting from the bottom line, then the middle row, and finally the top row. So we have to arrange our best combination on the bottom line. Then proceed to the middle row with a smaller value, then finally the top row for the smallest combination value of cards we have.

Because if we are wrong in compiling the combination. Our composition will be considered to be immediately defeated in the calculation process later. The calculation of the value of this card is done when the time that has been given to compile has ended. The time given to all players to draw cards is 10 minutes.

In the capsa stack game, when we want to fight other players, the first calculated combination arrangement is the bottom line. This is why if we put it wrong then we will be considered immediately losing the calculation.

2. Combinations in how to play Capsa Susun

The ranks of the card flower values ​​from the lowest to the highest in order are as follows:

Diamond – Curly – Heart – Shovel

The order of the value of the capsa stacking cards is: 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – J – Q – K – As

And for the order of capsa stacking card combinations are as follows: High Card – Pair – Two Pairs – Three of a kind – Straight – Flush – Full House – Four of a kind – Straight Flush – Royal Straight Flush.

The line rank in this capsa stacking game is similar to that applied in the capsa slamming card game.

3. Calculation of General Online Capsa Susun Points

After all players have finished compiling card combinations, all players will open 3 lines of cards simultaneously. The arrangement of combinations that we make will be compared to the arrangements of other players. If we manage to win from one game, but on the other hand, we also lose to another player, then here the result we get is a draw.

Basically, to compare the order of cards with other players, when we win 1 line we will get 1 point. And also the opposite applies, if we lose 1 arrangement, then we will also lose 1 point. So use the time given to arrange as much as possible to get the best combination value from the cards we have.

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Combination Value in Playing Capsa Susun Online

What we need to pay attention to here is that the calculations we describe above will be slightly different if we play Capsa Susun online. If we win from the opposing player’s card in each of the lines, then we will get 2 times the points. Even more interesting, if we manage to win from all opposing players in each line, then we will get a profit of 4 times the points.

Thus our discussion of the online capsa stacking game guide for beginners. Hopefully this article is useful not only for beginners, but for all of us fans of online card gambling. Don’t forget to read other guides on how to play online gambling. Guaranteed you will never be bored, that’s all and thank you.