Reviews to Become the Best Player of Slot Gambling

Reviews to Become the Best Player of Slot Gambling

Reviews to Become the Best Player of Slot Gambling – The slot machine game industry also has several collections that have become the most popular legends among others.

Cleopatra was the first slot machine to use an Egyptian theme. The developers through this game try to capture the appearance of Egyptian civilization during Cleopatra’s time. With a map of the eye of Horus, the Sphinx, other Egyptian symbols and, of course, Cleopatra herself.

Cleopatra was the queen of the Nile, ruler of Egypt. Fame and beauty that will never be forgotten. The growing popularity of slots further reinforces the game’s idea of ​​the Sphinx Symbol to distribute bonuses, including the ability to trigger real money bonuses.

If you can get three Sphinx scatter symbols, it will give players a free spins bonus. Players have the option to have up to 15 free spins. In the second set, the specially upgraded reels contain more wilds and bonuses. You may receive more free spins along the way.

In fact, you can receive up to 180 free spins. And the chance to receive a multiplier of up to three times for each win. The multiplier only applies during the bonus round. Later, nominal prizes can be combined with Cleopatra’s x2 wild multiplier.

The highest multiplier can turn basic wins into large amounts of credits. The free spins bonus round is an important part of the game as it can be very lucrative. This is why members old and new have always put their passion in Cleopatra.

Most Popular Online Slot Cool Features

Cleopatra II is an update of the previous version of the joker388 slot machine game. The game has several different features in the bonus round. When you get three scatter payouts, players will be given a random number of spins between 7 and 15. The biggest difference is that instead of a 3x set multiplier, it increases by one for each spin.

This means that on the 10th spin of the slot machine the player has a 10x multiple payout. You can continue as you receive more free spins, up to 50 spins with bonuses reaching 50 times the amount wagered. Fans realized the potential for a huge instant win.

Another big plus is Cleopatra’s wild symbol, which is wild for all other symbols except the Sphinx. Offers online slots fans the chance to get 5 rows in a row. This session can be considered as a jackpot bonus payout. Due to the bonus game, up to 50,000 credits will be paid out.

Every wild Cleopatra also doubles, regardless of the winning combination. Players can use any combination of multipliers, ranging from a multiple of 4x multiplier, up to 6x to 8x the total prize payout. As you can see, Cleopatra and Cleopatra II have a good selection of bonus rounds, free spins, wilds and multipliers.